Frequent question: How do I report a massage therapist in Australia?

Are massage therapists regulated in Australia?

Massage therapy is currently self-regulated in Australia. There is no Statute or Act that applies solely or specifically to the practise of massage.

Do you need a license to massage in Australia?

CEO of AAMT Tricia Hughes says: “There are no legal requirements to have qualifications in order to practice massage, there are national qualifications and degree programs but there is no regulatory framework such as APHRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) for Allied Health.”

What is mandatory reporting in massage?


In some states/territories, it is mandatory for massage therapists to report any suspected child neglect or child abuse to the appropriate statutory child protection authority.

What are the Code of Ethics for massage therapists?

ABMP’s Code of Ethics for Massage Therapists

  • Commitment to High-Quality Care. …
  • Commitment to Do No Harm. …
  • Commitment to Honest Representation of Qualifications. …
  • Commitment to Uphold the Inherent Worth of All Individuals. …
  • Commitment to Respect Client Dignity and Basic Rights. …
  • Commitment to Informed Consent.
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What three 3 Things may be contained in the legal and ethical framework within your massage practice?

Members must maintain professional ethical standards and comply with generally accepted standards of professional behaviour. Members must honour the right to personal privacy, dignity and modesty of the client at all times. Members must comply with all Privacy laws.

What is the responsibility of a remedial massage therapist?

The role of a remedial massage therapist to accurately assess and use appropriate massage techniques to be able assist individuals in their recovery, promote health and help you maintain mobility and over time, increase function and ability to perform all of the things that you love.

How much do massage therapists get paid in Australia?

How much does a Massage therapist make in Australia? The average massage therapist salary in Australia is $73,125 per year or $37.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $59,500 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $114,465 per year.

How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Australia?

To work in Australia as a Massage Therapist you require a Certificate IV or a Diploma in Massage Therapy Practice, plus join an approved industry association. The qualifications take between 1-2 years to complete, including supervised clinic hours under a qualified massage therapist.

How do I start a massage business in Australia?

6 Steps to Starting Your Massage Business

  1. Qualifications. Integral to any business are the qualifications to back up your services. …
  2. Join a Massage Association. …
  3. Register a Trading Name and an ABN. …
  4. Register with Private Health Funds. …
  5. The Technical Stuff. …
  6. Acquire Business Equipment.
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What is the maximum fine for a professional misconduct CMTO?

In this case, the report must be filed immediately. Failure to file a mandatory report is an offence, which may be punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and constitutes professional misconduct.

What is a situation where mandatory reporting is necessary?

In New South Wales and Tasmania, reporting where children are exposed to domestic or family violence is also mandatory. In South Australia and Tasmania, psychological and emotional abuse also fall under mandatory reporting, which can include a child witnessing violence or abuse in the home.

Do you need a Licence for dry needling?

You will need to apply for a licence under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 if you own or manage premises offering any of the following treatments, unless you can claim an exemption: … skin piercing, for example acupuncture, dry needling, Korean hand therapy.

Can massage therapists be friends with clients?

Always keep in mind how the relationship started and proceed with caution. I know many massage therapists who have found wonderful friends that began as clients. … So far with my few overlapping relationships, my friends beyond the massage session, I’ve had no disasters.

What is considered a boundary in massage?

“Four common boundary areas in massage therapy include physical, emotional, professional and social,” Nelson says. “These areas often overlap and influence one another.”

Can massage therapist date a client?

A Massage Therapist can be sued, successfully, if they date a former client, on the basis that the treatment creates a false intimacy, and because there is an inequality to the relationship of practitioner and client which can be used to manipulate the client into a sexual relationship .

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