Can a chiropractor fix a straight neck?

Chiropractors are trained to help the neck restore proper mobility and function through safe, controlled, and specific forces applied to the joints or muscles.

Can straight neck be corrected?

Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Straight Neck Syndrome

Get to the root cause of this health issue – straight neck syndrome – through upper cervical chiropractic care. An upper cervical chiropractic procedure helps restore normal nervous system function by accurately correcting misalignments in the upper cervical spine.

What happens if your neck is straight instead of curved?

It can lead to overstretched muscles and ligaments along the whole length of your back and neck. It can also cause your spine to become compressed, which in can wear away parts of your spine. In severe cases, flat neck syndrome can damage your spine.

How do you fix a straight neck spine?

Physical therapy, a neck brace, and mild pain medications are generally prescribed for treatment, unless the curve of the neck is pressing on the spinal cord, in which case the doctor will likely recommend surgery. The most common surgery for cervical kyphosis is spinal fusion.

Is having a straight neck serious?

When the neck becomes straight also known as ‘flat neck’ or ‘military neck’ then serious issues can evolve such as spinal compression and degeneration. It would also influence your load-carrying capacity and the increased stress may cause abnormal curves to develop.

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What does it mean if your neck is too straight?

If you have military neck, also called cervical kyphosis, your neck has lost some of its normal curvature. This makes your neck abnormally straight, which can cause your head to tilt forward.

How long does it take to restore neck curve?

This evidence suggests an average increase in cervical lordosis of up to 18° in 10–14 weeks with 30–40 treatments with use of cervical extension traction as part of a multimodal rehabilitation program.

Can a chiropractor fix cervical kyphosis?

Chiropractic can often help resolve kyphosis that is caused by poor posture. If your kyphosis is due to trauma or other issues, chiropractic can still provide much-needed relief from many of your symptoms—including pain and stiffness.

Can cervical lordosis be corrected?

Treatment of lordosis depends on how serious the curve is and how you got lordosis. There’s little medical concern if your lower back curve reverses itself when you bend forward. You can probably manage your condition with physical therapy and daily exercises.