How do you massage someone’s neck and shoulders?

How do you massage the back of your neck and shoulders?

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  1. Press both thumbs down, one on the outside of each shoulder.
  2. Move them in, pressing firmly at intervals of 0.5 in. (1.27 cm) until both thumbs reach the spine at the same time.
  3. “Crawl” your thumbs out again to the shoulder joints.
  4. Repeat this movement 4 or 5 times.

How do you massage someone’s neck and back?

Glide your hands down the sides of the neck.

  1. Place your left hand on their left shoulder to stabilize them.
  2. With the fingers on your right hand facing downward, place your thumb on the back of the neck and your remaining fingers on the side of it.
  3. Applying pressure, glide your hand in a downward motion.

How do I massage my female partner?

This one is the most important technique. Start slow and give you partner the time to relax. Start with strokes on chest, shoulders and the back, and later proceed to the erogenous zones. Take at least five to seven minutes to massage your significant other’s body, and then see how the night turns out to be.

How do you give a woman a full body massage?

The best way to give a full body massage is to begin with the feet and work your way up the body. Alternate between press-and-release methods, kneading, and circular motion as you work your way from the legs to the back. Ask your client to turn over so you can massage their hands, arms, and head.

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How do you give a head and neck massage?

If you’re using essential oils, start with a small amount. Dip your fingertips in the oil. Focus on delivering slow, gentle strokes on your partner’s head and work up to light circular motions that go across their head. Use your thumbs to gently massage their neck as well.

How do you give a backrub?

How do I give a back massage?

  1. Put a small amount of warm lotion or oil on your hands. …
  2. Move your hands slowly during the massage to help the person relax.
  3. Start massaging the back at the lower back. …
  4. Make a circular motion as you move your hands upward. …
  5. Move across the shoulders and start moving down the upper arms.