Your question: Is the Theragun Liv worth it?

The Liv works best as a rehab tool for anyone who experiences extreme muscle pain or athletes who exercise regularly and vigorously. At $199, the Liv certainly isn’t cheap, though it does check-in as the cheapest of Theragun’s three handheld massagers (the G3 goes for $349 while the G3PRO goes for $449).

Is Theragun Liv discontinued?

The 2019 models in this article have been discontinued and are no longer available for sale.

Is Theragun worth the extra money?

Theragun offers high quality devices that are easy to use and provide a powerful massage. However, Theragun percussive therapy devices are expensive, and many not be worth the cost for infrequent users.

Is the Theragun G3PRO worth it?

Our editors agree—both the Theragun G3 and G3PRO Deep Tissue Massagers are effective and worthwhile investments if you can swing it in your budget.

Is a Theragun Prime worth it?

At $299, the average consumer with aches and pains would benefit more from a less expensive massage gun that doesn’t penetrate as deep. But for those who need something to really get at those muscles, the Theragun Prime is worth it.

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Does Theragun do Black Friday?

The Theragun Prime is now $249 for Black Friday that will massage the stress away from the rest of your holiday shopping. It comes with a 120-minute battery life and can be integrated via Bluetooth to synch with the app on your smartphone or other device.

What’s the difference between Theraguns?

The Theragun PRO lasts 150 minutes per battery on one charge, but it comes with two batteries, so you can use it for up to 5 hours consecutively. … In comparison, the Elite only has a built-in battery, so you will be much more limited by the battery life, but it still lasts 120 minutes per charge.

Can Theragun cause damage?

Muscle strains are usually painful, so you probably won’t be tempted to use your Theragun on a pulled hamstring. But just in case you thought that was a good idea, it’s not — the powerful hammering motion of percussion therapy can further damage your muscles.

Can I use Theragun on my neck?

The TheraGun G2PRO was invented for deep muscle treatment work. It can work on any muscle, including the neck.

Does Theragun work on cellulite?

Yes. When used properly, Theragun works very well for cellulite reduction. Percussion massage guns saturate muscles with intense pulses. This action improves blood circulation, which encourages cellulite to break down.

Are Theraguns loud?

Older models were as loud as a helicopter!

For example, the Theragun G2PRO (a predecessor of the Theragun PRO listed above) maxed out at a whopping 107 decibels. … Nowadays 85 dB seems to be loudest. That’s still pretty loud, but now you’ve got options for much quieter percussion massagers so you can shop around.

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Does Theragun work on knots?

Fortunately, there’s a quick remedy within reach; Theragun. This deep-muscle massage gun uses quick, permeating Percussive Therapy to target your trigger points, increase blood flow, and alleviate those agonizing knots.

Is Theragun Prime loud?

It’s quieter than all of the other models.

It was so loud it was often too overwhelming to use. The Theragun Prime, on the other hand, does not sound or feel like a power drill. It’s easy to use even around the neck and shoulders, which is a massive plus because that’s always where I need it most.

Is Theragun Elite quieter than prime?

One step down from the Theragun Pro is the Theragun Elite, which is actually slightly quieter than the next tier Prime but significantly more affordable than the Pro. It comes in black or white, and offers a customizable speed range like the Pro.

Can I use Theragun Prime without app?

While you can still use the Theragun Prime on its own it’s definitely a very good idea to get the app, which works on both iOS and Android devices, as you’ll be able to get more from its capabilities.